5 Things You Need To Start Doing To look Younger!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

300x350hereWe all want to be young forever, but sadly the reality is that we cant avoid aging. On the other hand, we can do certain things to keep our skin and body looking young a beautiful. No need to worry about letting yourself go or aging, there are many things you can do to maintain that youthful glow. Implement these 5 things into your life and you will look and feel young in no time!


Taking a supplement in the morning can help boost your immune system as well the the production of natural skincare nutrients. It is recommended to take fish oil because it has omega 3-fatty acids. This amazing supplement helps the skin hydrated and moist. This is essential if you want your skin too look fresh and healthy. There are many other supplements that you can take to preserve your skin even longer, just read the benefits of each one and make them part of your daily routine.


The most important ingredient in a anti-aging regimen. Retinol is related to Vitamin A and has many benefits for the skin. It helps the skin preserve its elasticity and firmness. Most importantly, it helps boos the production of collagen which starts to slowly stop being produced in the body when we age. This ingredient is found in most anti-aging products and is proven to have the best results on diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.

 Food with Color

Start eating foods with lots of color! The more hues your food has the better chances it has to help fight free radicals. Free radicals fight collagen production which is harmful to a youthful skin. Eat fruits, vegetables, and other colored foods in order to keep that healthy glow. Also, the more collagen you help boost in your body the longer you can preserve that beautiful skin.

 Coconut Water

Think of yourself sitting on the beach, drinking from a coconut, and hearing the waves crash against the sand. You can imagine this every time you drink this amazing drink that helps your body preserve its beauty. Coconut water is loaded with anti-oxidants which help your body fight off free radicals that harm your skin. This magical water will also help you keep hydrated as well as protect your skin from aging.


This ancient form of meditation and poses has been proven to keep people young and have good posture. The poses require strength both physically and mentally. It also helps with stress, giving you a free and clear mind to think positive. We all know stress ages us and can depress us which is not good when we are trying to live a long and healthy life.

Not so bad right? It only takes a couple of daily changes and in no time you will start to look and feel young. Follow these 5 things and you will be on your path too looking younger and beautiful everyday.

Aging Skin

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

300x350AgingMost consumers believe the only way to fix aging skin is to undergo cosmetic procedures. Those methods can do the trick, but sometimes they require additional procedures to fix any mistakes that could have happened along the way.

That doesn’t only affect your finances, but it can also be very painful as well as time consuming. What if there was a way you could stop your skin from aging? What if you knew of a way to prevent further aging from occurring while simultaneously improving its current appearance?

How your skin ages is in part determined by your skincare routine. Harsh products that contain too much alcohol have a tendency to dry out your skin. When your skin is dry it makes your plump skin cells become tiny and shriveled. In turn, you’re left with wrinkles and fine lines. There is hope. You can stop your skin from aging prematurely by incorporating a proper anti-aging regimen into your daily skin care habits.

The perfect anti aging treatment is compiled of the following components: skin firming and tightening serum, wrinkle cream, under eye treatment, moisturizer and de-hyperpigmentation treatment. Use all of these and you’ll be seeing younger looking skin in no time. But who really has time for that? Applying 5-6 different products twice a day is hardly realistic. That being said, look for an “all in one” anti aging treatment to ensure all your skin’s needs are covered.

A quality all in one treatment will contain DMAE as one of it’s active ingredients, as well as retinol, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. All of these together work to ensure your skin is protected from future signs of aging, and helps correct the current ones.

An all-in-one treatment that comes highly recommended by dermatologists is LifeCell Anti-Aging Treatment. This product helps reduce the signs of aging as well as slow down the aging process. LifeCell’s formula contains some of the most potent anti-aging ingredients. Ubiquinone, is a super anti-oxidant that boosts your body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin. Making the skin look younger, healthier and virtually wrinkle-free.

White Tea and Aging

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

300x350teaHow White Tea Came to Be

Certain types of tea can prevent, treat, or even heal various ailments, but one particular brew can do all of the above and more…white tea! According to old Chinese legend, the idea of tea was discovered about 5,000 years ago when a gust of wind blew tea leaves into Emperor Shen Nung’s cup. He tried the strange mixture and to his surprise, the drink tasted fantastic! Since then, the drink has been revered in Chinese culture, and of course has spread across the world.

White tea was created in the Fujian province of China and, like all types of tea, comes from the Camellia sinensis tea bush. It received its name because it is created from silvery-white hairs located on the plant’s buds which give the plant a whitish appearance. Though white tea is the least processed form of tea, the fresh leaves first wither in the sun before being lightly processed to prevent oxidation. Contrary to most popular brews such as black or green tea, white tea is completely uncured and unfermented.

Unbelievable Benefits

It has long been known that white tea has stunning health benefits, but until recently we didn’t know the extent white tea could impact on our lives. White tea is a pale, yellowish brew full of antioxidants which protect the body against harmful free radical damage. The potent antioxidants found in white tea alone decrease the chances of accelerated aging. White tea has also been proven to lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol, which in turn helps and protects your heart. Other benefits include strengthening bones, oral health, cancer prevention, and immunity boosting.

White tea is simply amazing. One study actually proved that white tea has the most effective anticancer properties compared to more processed teas. It is even proven to increase one’s lifespan through the combination of its numerous benefits for the body.

As one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, you may want to consider trying out white tea for yourself. White loose-leaf tea leaves are sold in stores, and pre-brewed tea is sold from select sources as well.

3 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Aging

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

300x350OldHandsWhen it comes to skincare we mostly worry about wrinkles and fine lines on our faces, but we seem to forget the most important part of our body, our hands. Our hands are one of the biggest indicators of our age. They are always exposed and help us with our daily tasks and activities. We expose them to everything and everyone and somehow we forget that they also suffer from skincare damage. The following are three reasons why our hands are rapidly aging before our eyes.

When it comes to skincare we mostly worry about wrinkles and fine lines on our faces, but we seem to forget the most important part of our body, our hands. Our hands are one of the biggest indicators of our age. They are always exposed and help us with our daily tasks and activities. We expose them to everything and everyone and somehow we forget that they also suffer from skincare damage. The following are three reasons why our hands are rapidly aging before our eyes.

The first reason is sun exposure. Whenever we get in our cars to drive we have to hold on to the wheel in order to conduce the vehicle. The sun is beaming down on your hands for the duration of your trip, there and back. This sun damage is caused naturally without us realizing that its happening. The exposure to the sun creates room for an uneven skin tone and the thinning of the skin. One way to prevent this and take care of your hands is by applying some Sunscreen with the right of SPF, not just to your face, but also to your hands. This will help your hands keep its natural glow at the same pace as your face.

The second reason is genetics. Unfortunately, that’s a tricky one to address and even change. We can’t change the fact that some of us have freckles and age spots on our hands. These hereditary trademarks are almost impossible to change. One thing to keep in mind is that you can still protect them by using sunscreen and moisturize your skin to keep them healthy.

Lastly, there is medication that can potentially be harming your hands. There are many side effects on these prescription drugs that can be damaging to the health of your skin. The best way to address this is to research the ingredients in your medicine to make sure that you are not reacting to it and most importantly not affecting your hands and skin.

Additionally, there are many things you can do to preserve and even reverse the process of aging hands. It is a lot less work too than the face. You should always make sure to use sun protection from a high quality SPF sunscreen as well as the use of lotions. Lotions and hand creams help keep you hands hydrated and moisturized to give them the care necessary to stay young. Also, the use and intake of retinol helps out greatly to restore and improve the texture of your hands and skin. Start taking care of your hands by following these tips and reap the benefits of maintaining your youth. 

Are You Getting The Right Amount Of Beauty Sleep?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

300x350 SleepGetting good night sleep is essential not only for an exciting and productive day, but to keep your skin healthy and young. It is an essential aspect of maintaining that young glow on your skin. It’s no surprise that the “beauty sleep” is in fact meant to preserve your beauty. Not sleeping the right amount of hours every night can greatly affect the aging cycle as well as accelerate the acquisition of wrinkles.

Sleeping is part of the human daily cycle. It is a period of time when our body, mind, and skin take a break from activity and rejuvenate. In todays world we have gotten so active and interconnected that we only wish to stay awake for 24 hours. Sadly, a lot of people suffer from sleeping disorders so it makes it even harder for them to take care of their skin due to sleep deprivation. Sleep has an effect on our mood, memory, stress-levels, and most importantly our appearance.

When we sleep our bodies a renewing the body in many ways from cells, dead skin, and processing brain memory. There are two main sleeping states, which are pretty straight forward, REM and Non-Rem. Non-Rem is usually when you are taking a short nap and are able to still be aware of your surroundings. REM on the other hand is when we are dreaming and our body is functioning in a very different rate than usual. These two states are important to recognize because they are both important for your beauty.

There are studies that prove that women who did not get a good night sleep are more prone to acquire wrinkles and fine lines. Not sleeping enough can be a direct cause of an uneven skin tone and even reduced elasticity. Conversely, Women who did get the right amount of sleep where able to recover from sunburns faster and reduce the inflammation on their skin. Beauty sleep is a key aspect of taking care of your skin. Deprivation of sleep will increase the aging process, something many of us want to avoid.

There are many things you can do to make sure you receive the quality sleep. One thing is to avoid any type of work in bed in order to prevent the mind from associating resting place with work. Also, sleeping with dark curtains to shut out any type of sunlight that can disturb your eyes and/or body temperature. Keep in mind that your bed is a place to rest your head and relax, it should be to your preference and liking.

In case you end up having a long night and not sleeping the right amount of time, you can always take a nap. Taking a 20-30 minute nap can help your mind recover and your skin rejuvenate for the time it missed the night before. Naps are a great picker upper in the middle of the day and can increase your productivity. So start taking your sleep seriously, after all it is what’s making you beautiful.