Foods That Will Help You Stay Looking Young

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Though anti-aging products are key to reducing wrinkles and firming your skin, leading a healthy, nutritious and fresh diet will only help stimulate these results. Certain foods can be considered anti aging vegetables and fruits because of their great components and properties that will allow your body to stay youthful. Read on to find out about them and how they can help you prolong your smooth glow!

Very high in vitamin C, its a great component to your diet for helping your skin stay looking young. It also contains coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant that fights the free radicals trying to damage your skin. A lot of people unfortunately do not get enough Q10 in their diets, which results in the deterioration of their skin cells. This also leads to the cells not being equipped with the tools they need to endure stress, and we all know stress is a major contributor of wrinkles. A diet that includes a high level of Q10 will allow your body to repair skin damage quickly, also helping to slow down the aging process.

Spinach is the best choice for when making a fresh salad. Lettuce is usually what people think of, but its nutritional value is nowhere near what spinach contains. Spinach is high in vitamin E, a vitamin that can very commonly be found in anti-aging/wrinkle formulas. The effectiveness of vitamin E in a healthy diet has been proven to promote youthful-looking skin. The powerful antioxidant is also said to decrease wrinkle depth, which will make them a lot less visible.

Very high in vitamin C, like broccoli, oranges are easily mentioned and used when speaking about preventing and even curing illnesses. Research shows that foods high in vitamin C, like oranges, are viable in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. Serving as an antioxidant, Vitamin C also helps to prevent free radicals or tissue-harming molecules from causing skin damage. Vitamin C is also a main component in the producing of collagen, which is imperative to keeping your skin’s elasticity.

These foods are fun, and can be creatively implemented in your diet whether in a simple and quick salad, or a gourmet dinner. Make sure that if you are cooking them, to not overcook because this can actually decrease the concentration of the nutrients that you want present. Incorporate these foods into your diet, and you will start to notice and feel a positive and refreshing difference. Your body and skin will definitely thank you for it!

Quick Anti-Aging Workouts!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018


Exercising regularly is good for the health and body for many reasons, but it also actually helps to slow down aging. As long as the body is active, it will keep a youthful feel and energy, which will have you looking decades younger. Starting with some cardio and yoga throughout your day and multiples times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes, you can get your body ready and in shape. Read on for some anti-aging workouts that will take years off of your appearance!

Squat Twist and Lift
With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold weight (5lbs) with your elbows down and palms facing inward. Bend your knees as though you were about to sit down, but keep your knees behind your toes until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
Second part to this exercise is to stand up, pressing the weights over your head while turning your torso about 45 degrees to the right. Right along with it, lift your left knee and turn your torso left. Continue to alternate both sides.

Superwoman in Flight
This exercise can be done in a counter-top high surface. With a firm back, begin in a push up position with your hands on the counter. Feet about width apart. Raise your right arm forward to shoulder height while lifting the left foot behind you. Return and repeat with opposite limbs for 30 minutes.

For a warmup working up to a faster pace, walk at 3 mph or so for about 5 minutes. Speeding up a little bit, walk briskly for about 6 minutes. Work up to a jog, for about 4 minutes. Go back to a brisk walk for about 15 minutes. And finally, cool down; slowing to an easy pace.
Here are a few other activities you can do to get your cardio going: swimming for 30 minutes, dance for 35 minutes, go cycling for 25 minutes, or play tennis for 40 minutes.

Even just a 10 minute sessions can help relieve stress, which is great because stress can eventually lead to worry lines and wrinkles. After stretching for about 10 minutes, try these positions:

  • Bound Angle Pose
    Sit tall with the soles of your feet together. It stretches inner thighs and groin muscles giving you more flexibility and even soothes menopause symptoms, along with reducing fatigue. Hold the pose for as long as wanted.
  • Child’s Pose
    Bend forward, lowering upper body between your thighs and your forehead to the floor. Bring arms in front of your body and keep your palms down. This stretches hips, thighs and back.

Make sure to accompany these exercises with a healthy diet so they can all work together to keep you youthful as ever, as well as looking and feeling your best. Don’t forget to hydrate, your body and skin will be so grateful!

How To Choose Anti-aging Skincare Product For Your Skin?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Looking for the best anti-aging skincare product is just like a trial and error stage. And often you find yourself getting confused on what would really work for your skin. This can be a difficult decision to make but you have to check some important ingredients that a certain product contains.

Here are some expert tips to consider when choosing the right anti-aging products for your skin:

Anti-aging cream – Check on the ingredients of a certain skincare product. Does it contain a moisturizer? This is one of the secret ingredients for anti-aging. See if it has an antioxidant – it is the skin’s best defense against free radical damage and aging. Vitamin c is also another important agent for aging, as it combats dark spots and uneven skin tone to help give the skin a healthy glow.

Sunscreen – This is very essential to guard skin from the harmful rays of the sun which can create serious skin problem that you would regret in the future. When you shop for sunscreen, choose for the product that contains Broad spectrum, SPF 30 or higher and water resistant.

Be familiar with your own skin type. When buying a certain skincare product it is important to know which type of skin you belong. Because the product you use will be more effective if it is formulated for your type of skin.

Avoid using a lot of different products at the same time. It may irritate your skin more and can cause major skin issues such as skin discolorations, skin redness or inflammations that can make your skin dull and look old.

Check on the product labels and should include the following:

– Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic – will not cause your skin any breakouts

– Hypoallergenic – This should have been tested well and to ensure that its safe for the skin.

– Contact number in case you have some queries about the product.


Take note all of the major factors being discussed above to avoid problems with your skin. But of course it is still highly recommended that you should first consult your dermatologist especially if you have sensitive skin to make sure it would suit your skin type rather than making your own quick decision because you might just have been influenced by a friend. Remember the needs of our skin also vary and always consider your skin’s safety first.

Top anti-aging ingredients

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Almost all of us have been very conscious about the aging process from our health, body and most especially the skin. Some may opt to fight aging signs through a surgical process but most of us are using anti-aging skincare products to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. But are you aware of what specific ingredients to look for to solve aging woes? We will discuss some of the top anti-aging ingredients that you should know.


AHA is known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is best for dry type of skin. This helps retain moisture in the skin, improve the collagen production and repair uneven skin texture that makes the skin smooth

BHA known as Beta Hydroxy Acid is recommended for oily and acne-prone type of skin. This anti-aging ingredient exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead skin cells to allow the regrowth of new skin. Thus, this also prevents wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs to appear.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most important ingredients in any skincare product. Vitamin C helps fight all skin issues because It protects the skin from certain inflammations such as breakouts. This also improve collagen production and able to fix skin discolorations. With Vitamin C, it shields skin exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is good for the skin because it is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals into the skin. Thus it aids to repair skin problems such as aging sign like wrinkles, fine lines, skin discolorations and boost skin’s health to maintain its radiant and youthful look. And also protects cell membrane and collagen from being damaged. According to Begoun, Vitamin E may be listed as tocopheryl acetate, tocopheryl linoleate, tocotrienols, alpha tocopherol and tocopheryl succinate on an ingredient label of such skincare product.

Green Tea

This ingredient also compose of antioxidant to repair skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines and skin inflammations through the harmful rays of the sun, breakouts and other skin problems.


This is considered as the ingredient that has most benefits that can protect the skin from aging. Can able to combat skin damage from the harmful heat of the sun, cell damage and also protects skin’s collagen.

With these top 5 anti-aging ingredients to watch for in every skincare product you use to aid in signs of aging, now you know so well how each of them can best help you achieve that youthful and glowing skin that you aim for. So start your best skincare routine as early as possible and not wait for the signs to appear.

DIY Anti-aging skincare recipes that your skin will love

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Most women worry too much when they see early signs of aging. Let’s go for homemade skincare an all-natural remedy to help rejuvenate the skin to enhance the glow and promote youthful look. Before you apply first cleanse your skin well with your favorite cleanser make sure you are using a mild product so it won’t be too harsh for your skin.

Below are some compiled DIY skin friendly anti-aging skincare recipes:

Egg face mask

Ingredients: 1 Egg

Procedure: Beat the egg well until it is properly mixed and apply it directly into your face. Leave on for 10- 15 minutes until it completely dries up. Then rinse your face well. You can then feel that it becomes tighter and well-toned. Eggs is rich in protein therefore it repairs tissues that can make your skin free from wrinkles and fine lines. And the potassium helps the skin retain good moisture to prevent from being too dry and flaky. Riboflavin fights free radicals which is the cause of skin aging.

White tea for puffy eye bags

Ingredients: White tea

Procedure: Brew a cup of white tea. Let it cool down before steeping the tea. Soak a wash cloth into the tea and place the cloth over your eyes.  White tea is best to cure under eye puffiness because of it antioxidant content and also good for your whole face to prevent signs of aging.

Avocado and Honey

Ingredients: ½ small ripe avocado and 1 tablespoon honey

Procedure: Mix all ingredients well, apply to your whole face. For combination skin, you can only apply it to the dry areas of your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer if you want the ingredients to soothe deeply into the skin. This is one best solution to moisturize the skin well and retain good moisture into it. Plus honey has an anti-inflammatory content so it can heal breakout and other skin problems and be able to control itchiness or redness of the skin.

With these top three DIY skincare recipes, you can give your skin a healthy treat to fight all toxins and dirt that can damage the skin which is the main cause of skin discolorations, early skin aging, acne, and other problems that you encounter. With these homemade remedies, you can forget about all of those pricey skincare products and go for natural skincare to promote youthful and glowing skin.