Exercise and Skincare?

Exercise has a ton of incredible benefits for your body. It is proven to stimulate brain activity, to repair damaged cells within the heart and other organs, and, of course to help you lose weight.

But what if I told you exercise actually aids in fight against aging skin? Well, surprisingly, it does!

There are many reasons your skin ages. Free radical damage, collagen deficiency, and stress are among the top causes for accelerated aging. It is therefore important to make sure you regulate your diet, take supplements, and train your body to react properly when these problems occur.

What Exactly is Stress?

It’s much easier said than done to just “not worry” about things. As we know, stress happens everyday in our lives, whether we like it or not. While it is wise to calm down, and worry less about the things we have no control over in life, exercise is also the answer to dealing with stress.

When we are faced with a tough decision, we stress, and a chemical called cortisol is released in our body. This hormone sparks a vast production of a chemical called sebum within your hair follicles, which, when overproduced, blocks the follicle. When the follicles are blocked, this causes dead skin cells to build up, which then creates acne and inflammation.

Stress and Exercise

Exercise will lower the level of cortisol in your body. Since cortisol produced by stress harms your skin, exercise will relieve stress. With relieved stress, the levels of sebum will be more natural, leaving pores clearer, and skin healthier. Not to mention, exercise will produce an overall sense of well-being due to the awesome benefits it serves the brain and body.

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