Know Your Ingredients!

The ingredients are what enable a product to do what it does. So let’s talk about ingredients for a few moments.

The most regulated part of the cosmetic industry is the ingredient list. Since 1978, cosmetic companies in the U.S. have been required to:

  1. List all the ingredients in their products
  2. List all the ingredients in the order of their concentration, from highest to lowest.

The problem though is that there are thousands upon thousands of possible ingredients that go into cosmetic products. Ingredient lists can be very long and technical. It would take an entire education for consumers to educate themselves on so many ingredients, which is why most people default to just trusting the claims the product makes.

We here focus heavily on studying the research behind all the ingredients in wrinkle products, and determining if the ingredient profiles live up to the product claims. In all too many cases, they sadly do not.

The good news is that we’ve done a lot of this work for you, and publish a top 10 list of the most effective wrinkle products currently on the market.

However, we still think it would be good for you to learn about the ingredients of whatever wrinkle cream you use.

While we subscribe to special services and research journals and things like that to gather the latest information and knowledge (which can be expensive and time-consuming and technical to read), we did find a simple and easy resource that most people can use for reference, which is a book titled “A Consumer’s Dictionary Of Cosmetic Ingredients”, by Ruth Winter. You can pick it up at a bookstore.

Another note:

A question we are often asked is if expensive products are always better than inexpensive ones. The answer is NO! There are many pricey products on the market that are not worth their weight at all. However, at the same time, as a general rule, we’ve found the best products are on the pricey side, and the reason is that a very good ingredient profile is usually expensive to produce.

So while NOT all expensive winkle products are good, most of the good ones are somewhat expensive, because the ingredients are likely expensive to include.

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