3 Habits Your Skin Will Love

300x350skinloveQuench Your Thirst

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: dehydration is the no. 1 cause of accelerated aging. But satisfying your thirst is actually more important for your skin than you may think. Drinking the correct amount of water each day is crucial in maintaining proper moisture balance within your skin, so sipping on just an extra couple glasses a day may be the difference between having dehydrated, dry skin, or nourished, moisturized skin. This not only restores a healthy glow to your appearance, but the water will also flush out the toxins within your body, and cause

Stay Sun-Proof

Sunscreen is the only thing between your vulnerable skin and the harsh ultraviolet A & B rays released from the sun. Well, not the sunscreen exactly, the true protection comes from the SPF. The “Sun Protection Factor” is the measure of the sunscreen’s ability to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays. Products with SPF 15 or higher will generally get the job done, but what is important is making sure you apply sunscreen to your face each day, even if the sun doesn’t appear to be “out”. Sunscreen is also a great addition to any anti-aging skincare regimen!

Quality Sleep

You don’t have to be a genius to know sleep is the answer to getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes, or smoothing those forehead wrinkles that come from making facial expressions all day. 9 hours is the recommended amount of sleep per night, but in this day and age, obtaining that much sleep can be difficult between work, school, and raising children. The idea is, no matter how much or how little you sleep, focus on making that time as peaceful as possible. Enrich your sleep by listening to calm, soothing music as you fall asleep. Certain sound frequencies can activate your theta brain waves, which is the cause of deep relaxation during sleep. Higher quality sleep means less stress. Less stress will affect your skin in various, positive ways including acne, wrinkle, and inflammation prevention.

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