Common Skincare Concerns

300x350CommonSometimes we just can’t make it to the dermatologist. Time and money are usually what’s keeping us from making sure our skin is in its best shape. Conflicting information about skincare can sometimes leave you confused and frustrated about certain skin concerns and issues. What are the important facts that you need to know?

We have listed the most pressing skin issues our readers have sent in, and what dermatologists recommend you do in each case.

1. Itchy Rashes on Your Eyelids 

You may think that your makeup or anti-aging treatment is causing sensitivity around your eyes,

but you may be wrong! You might be suffering from dermatitis, which is caused by irritants in

the air around you. And where is the most prevalent spot where irritants lurk? The nail salon.

Limit your visits to reduce the sensitivity around your eyes.

2. Always Moisturize 

It does not matter what your skin type is; it is important to moisturize regularly. Moisturizing

helps your skin stay supple and retain its moisture. Try LifeCell Body Butter to banish stubborn

cellulite and help your skin look its’ best.

3. You Can Fight Aging 

You can turn back the clock on your skin by using treatments that have key anti-aging

ingredients such as vitamin C and Retinol. LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment contains

both of these ingredients, and it will help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Less is More 

Many people think that if you layer on treatment after treatment, you can see better results faster.

However, overwhelming your skin with products can lead to irritation and cancel out key

ingredients in your products when more than 1 treatment is used. Limit your skincare to 1

product that works well, such as your LifeCell All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment.

Incorporate these 4 skincare tips into your routine, and you can achieve beautiful, glowing skin

in no time!

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