Easy Ways To Treat Different Types Of Skin Discoloration

300x350DiscolorWhen we are out on the beach soaking up the sun, the last thing we want to worry about is getting dark spots. Hyperpigmentation affects everyone differently and can be caused by different factors.  It is important to be aware of the spots that appear on your face or skin to prevent any negative harm to your skin.

First, understand that spots can vary in color from brown, red or pink and can vary in size. We develop these spots because we are either out in the sun without protection or it can also be caused by something internal. Hyperpigmentation is connected to the levels of melanin, which are cells that make up the pigment of our skin. Everyone’s skin is different which means we have to types of melanin, Eumelanin and pheomalin. They both are different because one can absorb UV Rays, while the other one cannot. Although different both still require protection from the sun equally to avoid any type of discoloration.

In order to treat and prevent discoloration of the skin it is recommended to always use sunscreen. Sunscreen is able to protect your skin from the UV Rays that are harmful to your skin. UV rays not only are a reason for discoloration but they also give you wrinkles. Even if your skin is not suffering from discoloration it is recommended the use of sunscreen as a preventative.

There are different types of discoloration such as Melasma, Sunspots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), and Freckles. These are all the most common types of hyperpigmentation types that are treatable.  They all occur for different reasons and skin type. For example, you can treat Sunspots by simply using a retinol cream that can overtime eliminate the light or brown spot. If you have freckles there are many products that will help with the concerns you might have on your skin. Melasma on the other hand can be triggered by a surge in hormones and a combination of sun exposure. Also, you can treat PIH with salicylic acid an active ingredient in many cleansers and creams. The study and research done on skin have allowed us to understand how our bodies and skin develop.

Treating your hyperpigmentation can be easy if you look for the right treatments and products. The main ingredients are easy to find and can be fairly economical. Now you can find many products in the market that will cater to the specific needs of each of the type of discoloration.

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