Prevent Wrinkles With Sunscreen

Sun screen tipsWe all love a good, sunny day at the beach, but did you know that exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light accounts for about 90% of premature aging? You can buy all the wrinkle creams in the world, but what good is spending all of that money if you’re constantly adding to the damage by not protecting your skin?

The number one skin care product to prevent wrinkles is a high quality sunscreen. If applied correctly, you could be extending the youthfulness of your skin. The sun’s UVB radiation is the main reason why wrinkles occur. The radian breaks down collagen and creates free radicals that prevent your skin from repairing itself through natural exfoliation. The fairer your skin is, the more protective you should be.

When picking the perfect sunscreen make sure you opt for something that has at least SPF 15 and has a formula containing titanium dioxide and avobenzon. These are radiation blockers and they’re very effective at shielding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Some sunscreens can cause an unsightly white cast, especially under office lights. If this is an issue, you can always pick up a BB Cream instead. BB creams are an Asian import that has taken the beauty industry by storm. It’s a tinted moisturizer with anti-aging properties and most are packed with a high SPF amount. This is a great option for those who love makeup but still want to take care of their skin.

Make sure to apply your sunscreen properly. People make this mistake all the time, and end up only applying 25% of the recommended amount. Sunscreen should be applied liberally and enough to cover all areas of the skin that will exposed to the sun. Sunscreen manufacturers have determined that it takes about 20-30 minutes for sunscreen to absorb into the skin.

Make sure you reapply your sunscreen after 2 hours of being in the sun. Some studies even go as far as saying that reapplying sunscreen 30 minutes after being in the sun is more effective in wrinkle prevention than waiting a couple of hours. Sunscreen also needs to be reapplied after any activity that requires being in water or makes you sweat. So always keep your sunscreen in gym bag, especially if you’re an outdoor sports kind of person.

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