The Benefits Behind Vitamin C

Vitamin C, a.k.a ascorbic acid, is commonly known as the vitamin we should take when we are feeling sick. It boosts our immune system, helping cure sickness and preventing future ailments.

What many people don’t know is how beneficial vitamin C can be for our skin!

Vitamin C raises our body’s level of collagen. (to read more about collagen click: here) Collagen has presence in nearly every area of our body and holds the function of repairing cells and blood vessels. This makes collagen the best solution for fighting wrinkles and keeping our body strong.

Taking vitamin C, especially during our adult years is very important. Not only are we more vulnerable to sickness as we age, but our collagen production deteriorates, resulting in bone disease, sagging skin, and unhealthy hair. Therefore, finding ways to stimulate collagen growth (such as taking vitamin C) is extremely important after the age of 25.

Vitamin C is also known as the ultimate anti-oxidant because of it’s ability to diminish free radicals. Free radicals are forces such as UV rays and smoke which harm our body, skin, and hair.

The sun does the greatest deal of damage to our skin and hair than any other element. Carcinogens such as UV radiation cause skin cancer and reduces the natural vitamin C generated within our cells. Vitamin C eliminates these free radicals, which results in healthier skin by reducing wrinkles and helping repair cells. Hair is affected by vitamin C as it helps thicken hair, instead of becoming thinner as hair transforms when one grows.

The range of healthy benefits vitamin C serves are quite vast. It is recommended to take at least one gram a day. There are powders which contain vitamin C, as well as a number of fruits such as kiwi, oranges, and red bell peppers. We suggest taking supplements each day, as well as incorporating foods rich in vitamin C into your diet each day.

Placing vitamin C as an integral part of your diet will keep your immunities high, skin and hair protected, and provide an overall sense of well being for you each day!

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