The Importance Of The Packaging

Packaging is far more important to the effectiveness of the product than most people realize.

Here’s how:

Many high end products use jar packaging for example. A big reason is that jar packaging can look very good.

However, there is a big problem with jar packaging:

Many key ingredients like anti-oxidants, skin-identical ingredients and plant extracts become unstable in the presence of air.

Jar packaging expose air to enter into the formulation every time you open it, causing the very ingredients that make the product work in the first place, to deteriorate.

In the end, what good are the best ingredients if they spoil and lose their effectiveness?

Further, with jar packaging you end up sticking your fingers into the product, which can allow bacteria to enter and further harm the ingredients.

That’s why the best type of packaging for your anti-wrinkle treatment is airtight packaging, such as a tube.

You also don’t want to use packaging that is clear, because light can enter which can also cause key ingredients to break down.

A pump dispenser is also an option, though often times you end up having a lot of cream get wasted by getting stuck on the bottom of the container, and the pumps themselves can sometimes get stuck.

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