The Need For An Eye-cream?

Most people believe that eye-creams are formulated differently then creams for the rest of your face.

However, these is no research or evidence, that we have ever been able to find at least, to indicate why the area around the eyes would need different ingredients then the rest of the face needs.

And if you carefully compare the ingredients in face creams and eye creams, you will usually find they are not that different.

However, many cosmetic companies know that if you think your eye area needs a special cream, they can sell you two creams instead of one, and positioning it as a ‘specialty’ cream they can sell you the eye cream in a smaller jar or tube for a higher price, which adds a lot more to their profit.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes depending on the brand, and depending on if your skin around your eyes is actually different then elsewhere on your face, you may want to use two separate products. But in most cases you likely need one, and this is something that many people are misinformed about.


Another thing that many people are misinformed about is the use of day and night creams. There is no evidence we can find for why your skin would need a different treatment in the day then in the night. In many cases, this is unfortunately just another way many cosmetic companies can add more profits to their bottom.

So, you can save the money and stick with just one cream for both day and night!

The only difference that does make sense between a day and night cream is the addition of SPF in the day cream. However, as we discuss in another article here, in most cases we recommend you use a separate SPF anyway.

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