Water Benefits

Our brain is 90% water, our blood is 83% water, and our muscles consist of 75% water….I think this provides sufficient evidence that water is an important part of our being.

Most people know that water is vital, but what is relatively overlooked is how beneficial water can be for our everyday living, especially if you are concerned about fitness, diet, skincare, haircare and numerous other facets of health. This article will provide an explanation of some major water benefits that can be produced for you if drank consistently on a daily basis.




If you are concerned about your weight, drinking cold water each morning will speed up your metabolism. When your metabolism is fast, you are able to break up food quicker. Calories are burned easier so, in effect you are able to shed pounds faster.

Your body has trouble distinguishing hunger from thirst, so a useful tip is if you feel hungry, drink two glasses of water and wait about 20-30 minutes and see if you are still hungry. You may find that the water fills you up just as the food would. This will keep you from eating unnecessary calories, and will cleanse the colon for easier digestion.

Skin & Haircare

Drinking extra water each day will help eliminate toxins from your body. These toxins are what disrupt the natural growth and reparation of your skin and hair.

Drinking water will keep your skin and hair hydrated and smooth. For skin, water will raise elasticity and increase blood flow through the capillaries in the skin. For hair, water is the ultimate moisturizer and will promote hair growth.


It is proven that if a person gets just 1% dehydrated, they will suffer from fatigue and weakness. When you lack water, organs such as your heart have to work extra to pump out oxygenated blood to all cells. This will tire your other vital organs as well, making you more exhausted.

Additionally, your brain requires water to stay energized, so if you aren’t drinking enough water, your attention span is lower and you forget things easily. Water provides higher creativity and thought clarity throughout the day.

Recommended Amount

It is recommended to drink 90 ounces of water per day, if you weigh 180 lbs. This sounds like a lot of water, and will take some getting used to, but the rewards are well worth it.

Drinking water will improve every function in your body. Taking your water intake seriously is something that will benefit you in every way possible. Remember, we are made of 70% water, and it is precisely water which keeps us healthy mentally and physically.

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