Kate Somerville “Blemish Banisher” kit

Blemish KitThis 4-step system by Kate Somerville Skincare was formulated to combat existing acne blemishes and to help prevent future breakouts.

Step 1: Detox Daily Cleanser 2oz.
The cleanser is made with Phytic Acid, a natural exfoliator. The cleanser is designed to brighten the skin ton and fade the appearance of acne scars. After using this cleanser for a month, I did see brighter skin and my face always felt squeaky clean, but I have yet to see any fading of acne scars.

Step 2: ExfoliKate Acne 0.5 oz
This is actually a really good product, perhaps my favorite product in the whole kit. Unfortunately, it’s tiny. At only 0.5 oz, you’ll only get a few uses out of it. The times I did use it, I woke up with blemishes that looked about 50% dried out. I would recommend to buy the full sized 2 oz product by itself of $65.00 .

Step 3. Oil Free Moisturizer 0.5oz
Again, this is tiny. To fully moisturize your face after using harsh acne products formulated to dry out excess oil, you’re going to need more moisturizer. This product doesn’t moisturize very well. Always remember that dry skin isn’t a good thing, even if you have tons of acne.

Step 4: EradiKate 1 oz
The last step in the kit is the spot treatment. It’s designed to help clear up pimples and reduce redness. This part of the kit is amazing. It really helped tone down the redness that accentuates your pimples even more. Combined with the ExfoliKate, this is truly a winner.

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