Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit

Thomas Roth AcnePeter Thomas Roth products are world renowned. There are very few negative reviews about their anti-aging line. In fact, I think it’s one of the best.. Now their acne line, that’s where the accolades end. For starters, there are 6 products in 1 kit! I can’t think of anyone who has time to do a 6-step skincare routine every single night. Being the skincare lover that I am, I stuck to the regimen and here are my findings.

This is quite possibly the roughest acne treatment I have ever used. Immediately after step 1 of using the cleanser and drying my face, my skin felt incredibly dry. So dry that smiling hurt. I can’t imagine someone using this twice a day without having to pile on a dollop of moisturizer. But for the love of testing, I followed each step. Step 2 was an acne clearing gel. This cooled my face for a few seconds and then once again I went back to tight, dry face. Step 3 is a mattifying gel. There was nothing to mattify! My face was so dry. But once again, I followed the steps.

Step 4-6 are described “as needed”. Thank goodness because I cannot imagine how much damage these could cause to my new dry as the sahara skin. The blemish buffing beads are used to exfoliate and control. This again was extra rough. The sulfur cooling mask dried me out again. The acne spot and area treatment was the best part of this kit because it did dry up blemishes at a surprisingly fast rate.

This treatment was too rough for me. If you’re going to try this treatment, I suggest only using it in the evening and make sure you apply the highest SPF sunscreen you can find. Or avoid the sun all together.

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