Vicky GardnerAs founder and CEO of Spa Addicts, Mary Blackmon brings a fresh perspective to the spa experience, promoting greater balance, wellness, and beauty — inner and outer. She believes that these are realistic goals everyone can achieve, whether at home or at the spa — and without the guilt. Blackmon launched Spa Addicts in January of 2003, motivated by her struggle to achieve balance and wellness in her life while juggling a fast-paced New York City career. Blackmon was strapped for cash but still desperately craved peaceful, stress-relieving spa outings. She realized that spa “indulgences” were not a luxury but a necessity and that women everywhere should be able to enjoy them without guilt. The idea of Spa Addicts was then born with a mission to provide affordable spa services at popular spas nationwide and to encourage others to unabashedly prioritize their own beauty and wellness. Lisa MonteroBlackmon is on the leading edge in terms of trends in health, wellness, beauty, and balance — and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. She is recognized as a spa expert, inspiring audi   ences around the world with her speeches and countless educational yet entertaining videos. Blackmon has been profiled in prime time on Extra and in TV Guide magazine and was the cover story for the launch of Spry magazine. She has penned her own columns on iVillage and for Skin Inc. and is often quoted in national magazines, such as CosmopolitanSelf, and Fitness.            
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