The Case Against Mineral Makeup?

Are you in a love-hate relationship with your makeup? Want to show a more natural face to the world? Then you might want to jump on the latest bandwagon… with mineral makeup. The leading lines promise weightless, breathable skin coverage. To find your flawlessness and get rid of that heavy made-up look, you now have the option of using “pure minerals straight from the earth.” However, you’re not exactly using rocks on your face. In order for “pure minerals straight from the earth” to be safe for cosmetic purposes, the ingredients are created in a lab to duplicate the form of minerals. To achieve the desired effect and give you that fantastic finish, the “mineral” particles have to be very tiny. The results work like a dream but there is cause for concern. Some ingredients, such as talc, can cause pulmonary issues and lung cancer when inhaled, according to a Harvard Medical School study. For cosmetic purposes, it’s made through a crushing and milling process from a mineral called hydrous magnesium silicate, which has similar properties to asbestos. In addition, bismuth oxychloride and corn starch can cause skin irritation, itching and severe rashes. Christina Harris, the owner of CMH Essentials, reports that bismuth has been used as a cheap filler and is found to be slightly radioactive. When these man-made, minute mineral particles come in contact with your skin, they can cause your pores to clog and you may develop acne. These mineral makeups are marketed as a healthier alternative to chemical-based options and supposedly have no oils, perfumes, dyes or carcinogens, but not all of them can claim such. As always, check out the ingredients before you buy the product. Keep in mind, what looks good on you may not always be good for you. Here are a couple other tips when using mineral makeup: Don’t fluff your brush! Reduce the risk of inhaling powder by working it into your brush, and swirling and tapping your brush before you apply it. To avoid acne, make sure to clean your skin thoroughly, especially before bedtime. Use your favorite moisturizer after cleansing to avoid dryness. Overall, I like the effect of using mineral makeup but sometimes I prefer to just go without.
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